In the not-too-distant past, eggs came from our own backyards, meat came from our local butcher, and fish from the nearby river. Everything we ate came from someplace, or someone, we knew. There was no such thing as eating "local" or eating "organic"—it was just called eating.

At Emmer & Co.®, we believe in a new way forward for our food system. Our vision for the future of farming is focused on raising chickens entirely on pasture with moveable houses, with practices that create healthy soil and regenerate the land.


The Founding Story.

Jesse Solomon founded Emmer & Co. to rebuild our agriculture system and develop a new farming model that leaves the land better. Jesse is an avid outdoorsman who started hunting to eat the purest, most natural meat, and also to connect with nature—to understand the fragile ecosystem we inhabit, and to fully appreciate the provision we take from the wild.

He created Emmer & Co. to know where his food comes from, to participate in the entire process, and to create that "as close to wild as possible" experience for as many people as possible. He aims to create shared, community experiences around the healthiest food that has the most delicious flavors and allows the land to thrive.

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Growing the right way.

Right now 100% of our chickens come from our farm in Northern California. We're located about 20 minutes East of Napa and 1 hour from San Francisco. In the future we're interested in taking our production model and working with other farmers to expand production. We represent a way of farming that other farmers want to be part of; one where they can regenerate the soil by raising active, beautiful birds. We will carefully select partners who share our commitment to environmental stewardship and incomparably high welfare standards.

And as demand for 100% pasture raised chicken grows, Emmer & Co. is focused on growing the right way. Scaling-up while living true to our values means we’ll be establishing regional hubs, which will create new opportunities for farmers across the country who want to join us in the future of farming.

"The future is pasture-raised & healthy soil."

Hatching a new model
for our food system.

With uncompromised chicken, and a new model for our food system, Emmer & Co. is creating an alternative production system to the conventional industry and bringing the farming legacy of the past to your dinner table. We care deeply about our world, our communities, our health and our collective future. And we want inspire you and others to make the world better by challenging and improving the systems that aren't working anymore.

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