In the not-too-distant past, our eggs came from our own backyards, our meat came from our local butcher, and our fish from our nearby river. Everything we ate came from someplace, or someone, we knew. There was no such thing as eating "local" or eating "organic"—it was just called eating.

At Emmer & Co.®, we believe in rebuilding a bond with honest food by mending these simple connections with what you eat. We work to ensure that everyone can eat chicken as it used to be—all over again.


Meet our team.

The founding story.

Jesse Solomon founded Emmer & Co. to rebuild our agriculture system by starting with the right sources. Jesse is an avid outdoorsman who started hunting to eat the purest, most natural meat, and also to connect with nature—to understand the fragile ecosystem we inhabit, and to fully appreciate the provision we take from the wild.

He created Emmer & Co. to know where his food comes from, to participate in the entire process, and to create that "as close to wild as possible" experience for as many people as possible. By going back to heritage sources, he aims to replicate the shared, community experience of amazing wild meals with meat that has the most amazing flavors, is best for the animal, healthiest for us, and allows the land to thrive.

Jesse Solomon
Founder + CEO

Jesse is an entrepreneur and former investment manager who abandoned commercially raised meats in favor of wild game he hunted himself to reconnect with the food he ate.


Favorite recipe: spatchcocked.



Sean Fraser
Marketing + Community

Sean tells the stories of our growers and practices through photography, video, and written word. He has a background in restaurant marketing and community engagement.


Favorite recipe: pan roasted.



Bruce Higgins

Bruce creates partnerships with retailers and restaurants that value the best sourcing. He is a former meat cutter and salesman of premium, pasture-raised meats.


Favorite recipe: slow roasted.



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It all starts with the right chickens.

Emmer & Co. flocks are the oldest continuous strain of standard-bred heritage birds in the country, and have been maintained by dedicated growers for generations. By starting with the best, truly delicious, naturally growing birds, we can rebuild lost infrastructure, and provide great economic opportunities for our farmers while enabling them to raise chickens they’re proud of.

We’re first bringing New Hampshires to market, but as we expand our operations, we'll introduce some of the other incredible birds we maintain—breeds like the Plymouth Barred Rock, Cornish, the Silver-Laced Wyandotte and the Delaware.

Growing the right way.

Every day more people are choosing heritage. As Emmer & Co. grows and we bring heritage chicken production to new parts of the country, we’re focusing on growing the right way. Scaling-up while still living true to our values, to the reasons we started this company in the first place.

Our vision of a rebuilt poultry industry involves regional centers of production. We never want to be centralized in one location; instead, we’re partnering with incredible family farms that share our commitment to the best husbandry practices, environmental stewardship, and incomparably high welfare standards.

life on our farms

The godfather of heritage.

Frank, one of Emmer & Co.’s first farmers, is a 4th-generation grower who has been producing heritage birds for 60 years. He purchased his first chickens at age 6 from an esteemed poultry breeder, and with caring responsibility, maintained the legacy of his flocks to the highest standards of perfection.

He's received numerous awards and accolades from the American Poultry Association as well as animal welfare and poultry industry groups—all in recognition of his contributions to the stewardship of rare breeds.

"My first priority is respecting the life of the animal. There is no way to do that if you don't have a personal connection to them." FrankEmmer & Co. Farmer

Hatching future greatness.

America's chicken industry changed dramatically in just 40 years, for the worse. Emmer & Co. is imagining what we can do over the next 40—for the better.

With today's tools and technology, we can bring the legacy of yesterday's farming to the modern table. We can stop, breathe, and think about how to start again from the ground up. But this time, in the right way—and without any compromise to please any shareholders.

Emmer & Co. cares deeply about our world, our communities, our health and our collective future. We want to do our part to make sure we can all live the fullest and best lives possible. To inspire you and others to make the world better by challenging and improving the systems that aren't working anymore.

An inspired community can do incredible things together. We just happen to know great chickens, so that's what we'll use to improve the world.

Let's take a moment.

At Emmer & Co. we're thankful every day for the opportunity to save these species, and for our chance to make an impact on the way our country eats. We deeply respect these birds and the nourishment they offer us.

Around each of our dinner tables, we like to take a moment to appreciate everything that honest food represents, and the bond we share with our families, our friends, and these beautiful animals.

The right birds & methods.

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