Heritage Chicken, Tuna, & Tomato Tartare


Recipe from Chef Antoine Westermann | Serves 1-2



8oz left-over heritage chicken meat


1 large flavorful tomato


2 soup spoonfuls mayonnaise


1 soup spoonful of canned tunafish


Grilled/toasted baguette with fine virgin olive oil drizzle


A circular mold/ steel round form


Sea salt




1. Peel the tomato. Separate the skin from the tomato and dice the flesh. Add a drop of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Put to the side.


2. Mix the tuna fish with the mayonnaise, then add in the chicken, the parsley, and a lemon squeeze if you please.


3. Finely chop the Gherkin pickle, the shallots, and the parsley. Mix together with olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.


4. Place the steel round at the center of your serving plate. Fill first with the poultry mix, then top with the diced tomato. Carefully remove the steel round and add the garnish of your choice to the top.


5. Carefully circle the Tartare with the pickle/ shallot mix for taste and presentation.


6. Serve with toasted Baguette or bread of your choice!






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