At Emmer & Co.® we follow a farming method called holistic management. But before the industrialization of agriculture, this was just called farming. This regenerative agriculture practice is all about balance, and working to ensure that we never over-impact a single part of the ecosystem - it’s the future of farming. The way Emmer & Co. raises our birds will leave the land better.


How we farm.


Freedom, not "access."

Most brands raise birds in barns with minimal or no outdoor areas, but Emmer & Co. chickens are truly 100% pasture raised. We don’t use any barns or permanent structures to grow our birds; only modular, solar powered mobile houses that we move when we rotate our pastures. These allow our birds to live an entirely outdoor life with the freedom to run and freely forage - year-round.



Protected on the pasture.

Days and nights spent on the beautiful Northern California pastures come with the threat of predators. So when our farmers aren’t on the pasture, our birds are protected by flock dogs. With their help, Emmer & Co.’s chickens can be 100% pasture raised, playing a vital role in our regenerative farming.




Moving forward
by going back to nature.

Emmer & Co.’s way of farming may be a new system, but it takes its cues from the original farmer: mother nature. We enrich the soil by rotating our pastures with a mix of animal and plant life, and each species contributes something unique. These natural processes layer together in a virtuous cycle that improves soil health.

Here’s an example of what might be included in a pasture rotation:



The cattle graze on tall grasses to create areas for the chickens to roam.






Cover crops.

We plant no-till crops composed of a broad mix of species natural to the area. With every rotation, crops are selected based on which nutrients need to be added to the soil.


Slow-growth chickens.

The chickens spread cattle manure, and scratch up the land with their foraging. The rich manure helps the grasses grow tall again.







At any given point, the majority of our pastures are resting, to allow the soil to breathe and create a healthy microbial environment.





Healthy birds. Healthy land.



Leaving the land better.

We have an incredible opportunity to actually improve the environment by doing our business as usual. The more land we raise our birds on, the more we’re able to create healthier, nutrient-dense soil and build deeper root systems. That allows more rainfall to be absorbed, grasses to grow taller, and more carbon to be pulled down from the atmosphere.

By choosing Emmer & Co.’s 100% pasture raised chickens, you’re supporting the creation of a sustainable, land-focused agriculture system. We’re glad to have you join us in the future of farming.

Slow-growth chickens.

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