Founder's Note | One Small Clover Posted on 12 Sep 14:44


In Hawaiian they say “Mālama Honua.” In Hebrew, “Tikkun Olam.” In the Southern Africa region it's "Ubuntu." In English, we simply say, “Heal the World.” Most languages on earth have these words in common. Which is kind of amazing if you think about it. It often feels that our world is getting more complicated and the chasms between us larger. And yet no matter where you’re from, what language you speak, what faith you practice, or who you vote for, we all share these same words.

But how do you heal the whole world? Here’s one way you can start, just focus on healing your world.

A year ago I was on the ranch of one of our farmers helping him with various chores; feeding the birds, fixing broken water pipes, etc. We were walking in one of the resting pastures when he excitedly pulled me over to a patch of clover and some other perennials he spotted. See this Jesse! Look how amazing this clover is! I looked down and and to be honest, all I really saw was a clover. Just a three-leaf, standard clover. But he explained that these clovers were indications of healthy soil; they help bring nitrogen back into the dirt. And how before he was raising birds on these pastures, he never saw clovers like this. This single clover was a symbol of something larger. It meant that the pasture system was working. The soil was healthier. Just a clover, but it meant that one small part of the earth was healing.

Once a month, everyone who works at Emmer & Co. participates in a “Heal the World” day. We might plant trees. We might work in a soup kitchen. We might teach kids how to cook healthy meals. If you’re ever in the Bay Area and want to come join us, please get in touch - it’s always better together. We do this because we know deep down that the smallest act of kindness to us can make all the difference to someone else. And when making a difference seems overwhelming, remember that single clover, and trust that there can be growth where there was once degraded soil.

Together, all is possible.
- Jesse

Join us for Heal Your World day.