Geology and Chickens | Year Two at Emmer & Co. Posted on 16 Jan 08:42

Dear Friend,

I still remember the first time I hunted and cooked a wild duck for my family. Their wide eyes as they tasted those pure, delicious flavors. Their captivation as I retold the stories from the hunt (mostly laughing at how often I missed). They knew that I went out into the world and brought this animal back. For them. I remember the warmth I felt as we appreciated that animal and where it came from; dinner that was all the more special because of this deep personal connection to our food. 

That’s why I started Emmer & Co. I wanted to replicate that experience for as many people as possible. I wanted to build something that, by one degree of separation, connects you right to the wild. Where you never have to worry about how the animals were raised, or how the environment was being impacted, or how the farmers were doing. For thousands of years this was how our food was. I wanted you to feel that you went out into the world and brought that back.

We’re now two years into our journey and while we have a long way to go, I’m proud of where we’ve come and the community that’s grown with us. It took almost a year and a half to start building our supply chain on the West Coast. And within six months of having birds available, we’re now distributed in over thirty natural grocers and butcher shops. Twenty of the best restaurants in Northern California (arguably the country) have put Emmer & Co. chicken on their menu. We’ve started expanding into the LA and Las Vegas areas. And we have several amazing online partners who deliver our pasture raised birds to dinner tables across the country, including AmazonFresh.  

Earlier this year I was talking with one of my farmers about how I wished that we could be in more stores and restaurants more quickly. He could sense my impatience and he said, “Jesse, it’s all geology.” Geology? I questioned. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Like a glacier carving out a mountainside. All it takes is time and pressure. Geology.” 

Each year we will grow a little bit bigger, always paying attention to the way we grow. One more restaurant. One more grocer. One more farmer. One more person that gets to taste chicken the way it’s meant to taste. Thank you for supporting Emmer & Co. I know that 2017 is going to be a year of even greater progress because we’re carving this mountainside together.

All is possible,