Flocking to 100% Pasture Raised Slow-Growth Chicken Posted on 14 Aug 07:00

When we tell chefs about our 100% pasture raised slow-growth chicken, and the way Emmer & Co. is rebuilding the poultry industry, they're always supportive and interested in contributing to the cause. But the true revelation comes when they taste one of our birds for the first time. Deep, earthy chicken flavors. Dense, hearty texture. The response is almost always: "This has to be on my menu."

Chefs are artists, and their masterpieces rely on finding the best mediums. It's been an honor to partner with so many talented individuals, to enhance their craft by providing them with rich, savory pasture raised chicken to cook with, and to enable their culinary work to reach its full, delicious potential.

Every day more chefs are learning that the best-tasting birds are finally available, and are proudly adding 100% pasture raised slow-growth chicken to their menus. We're seeing the same trend in kitchens of discerning home cooks. The New York Times even noted our production as an important part of this trend. Again and again we hear that once people try 100%pasture raised slow-growth chicken, they simply can't go back to flavorless birds.

And with people all over the U.S. flocking to 100% pasture raised slow-growth chicken, Emmer & Co. is working hard at growing our flocks and increasing production to meet the immense demand for the best birds. Thank you for being part of the huge, ever-growing community that is joining us choosing uncompromised chicken.

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