Cooks of All Ages Choose Pasture Raised Posted on 19 Aug 11:52

We're honored that so many respected chefs and restaurants are cooking with Emmer & Co.'s chicken, but they're not the only ones choosing pasture raised. In kitchens across the country, families, health enthusiasts, closet gourmands, and even the youngest of cooks are switching to healthy, flavorful pasture raised slow-growth birds. 

Last week we had the opportunity to teach a group of kids from Sprouts Cooking Club about our chicken. Sprouts is an amazing nonprofit that teaches children of all socioeconomic backgrounds how to cook and where their food comes from. 

Kids have a way of making things pretty simple. Because they haven't yet been swayed by marketing or society norms, they make their choices based on what just seems right. So when we told them about the way we raise our birds outdoors, they immediately said that pasture raised chickens are the ones they want to cook and eat. 

At the class, the students learned how to butcher and cook whole birds. They enthusiastically sliced and grilled their way to a beautiful meal, and proclaimed it to be the "tastiest chicken EVER!" when they sat down to lunch. 

At Emmer & Co. one of our greatest motivators is knowing that we're creating a system that will allow the young generation to choose better food. We proudly support the huge community of cooks - of all ages - that are choosing 100% pasture raised slow-growth chicken for their own dinner table. 

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