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Thanksgiving is almost here and at Emmer & Co. we're giving thanks
for a bountiful year. 

2015 so far has been full of...

...good times with great friends and family sharing the best food,

...passionate supporters who are committed to joining us
in rebuilding the poultry industry,

...the opportunity to make a difference in animal welfare
and to work with amazing farmers,

...and of course, delicious heritage chicken. 

We're looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, and we've put together a small collection of our favorite foods for your own feasts. The goods we've selected are made by artisans who are also going back to pure foods, using traditional techniques, and are just creating things that are so blow-your-tastebuds delicious.


1. 100% Heritage Chicken
Emmer & Co.

A beautiful bird is the highlight to a Thanksgiving meal, and a rich, deeply flavorful heritage chicken is an extra special, all-American centerpiece for your family's table.

Order your heritage chicken by Tuesday at 10am EST to guarantee arrival before Thanksgiving! 

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2. Brick Oven Baked Old World Sourdough
Serenity Farm Bread

A well-made, slowly fermented sourdough bread is just about a thing of the past. When traveling in Arkansas we were introduced to this rustic bakery in the Ozark foothills. Their naturally leavened loaves are hand-shaped and baked in a wood-fired brick oven. This gives the bread a dense, hearty center and a cracker-crisp crust.

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3. Ben Lear Cranberry Sauce
Scrumptious Pantry

The Ben Lear cranberry is an old Wisconsin varietal, and one of the few fruits native to the U.S. This sauce is crafted with Ben Lear cranberries sourced from one of the only Wisconsin bogs still cultivating this beautiful berry. With hints of ginger and orange, it's a sweet and tangy accompaniment to your heritage bird.  

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4. Okinawa Sweet Potatoes
Melissa's Produce

These vivid beauties are packed-full of vitamins and antioxidants. They have a long list of health benefits (lower blood pressure, better eye health, etc.) but their rich, fruity flavor is reason enough to put them on your menu. The subtly sweet taste adds a nice twist (and a pop of color) to a big, comforting bowl of mashed potatoes. 

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5. Heritage Grains
Anson Mills

When Emmer & Co. was just hatching, Anson Mills was a huge inspiration to us. They're committed to growing organic old world grains and milling them in the best way possible. Whether you need rice for a side dish, oats for a holiday breakfast, or flour to thicken bone broth into a luscious gravy, these guys have you covered. 

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6. Estate Apple Cider
Gowan Apples and Ciders

These ciders are blended from apples that the Gowan family has been growing at their orchard since 1876. They harvest beautiful (and almost-forgotten) varieties to make a cider that is refreshing, crisp and truly apple-y.

Fact: Did you know that there are over 5,000 types of apples still growing in orchards? How many can you name?

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7. Ayrshire Cow's Milk Cheese
Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill is a working dairy farm perched in the lush, rolling hills of Northeast Vermont. Their rich and creamy cheeses are crafted from the milk of 45 heritage breed Ayrshire cows. From bleu to brie, a selection of their cheese is a perfect beginning or end (maybe both?) to your feast. 

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Need Recipe Inspiration?

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to an unforgettable Thanksgiving.


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