Fall feasting. | Whole birds. Whole meals. Posted on 09 Oct 11:18

There are a lot of things we love about the fall. The amazing bounty of harvest. Football season. Good books by the fire. And it's a beautiful time to be outdoors, with vibrant autumnal colors painting the rolling hills. 

But what we love most about this season is coming together with friends and family for some delicious fall suppers. And Emmer & Co. chickens make the heartiest, most comforting dishes for entertaining, a cozy dinner, or just fighting-off the autumn chill. 

Each 100% pasture raised slow-growth chicken can be made into at least three substantial meals. We've gathered three of our favorite fall recipes to help you make the most of your Emmer & Co. bird.


Day 1 | Roast your bird.
Roast Chicken with Garlic and Curry Spice | Rejina Sabur-Cross

It's a simple recipe - the pasture raised chicken flavors are still the star - but Rejina's use of garlic and curry powder adds warm, spicy notes to this comforting meal.  


Day 2 | Makeover the leftovers.
Chicken Pastilla | Gordon Ramsay

Savory, sweet, full of spices and intensely chickeny. Pastilla is a flaky Moroccan pie, and subtle hints of cinnamon make it a perfect recipe for autumn. Chef Ramsay uses chopped chicken thighs in this demo, but leftover roasted chicken makes for an even better dish. Beautifully aromatic and far less complicated than it looks, chicken pastilla is one of our favorite day 2 stick-to-your-ribs suppers. 


Day 3 | Rock the stock.
Harvest Pumpkin Soup | Farm to Table Family

This soup has an extreme wow factor - it's cooked and served inside a pumpkin. Simmer your chicken bones with some veggies and herbs overnight to make stock for this show-stopping soup. The perfect centerpiece at an autumn dinner party, homemade pasture raised chicken broth adds a deep and comforting flavor to this creamy, cheesy gourd of goodness.