Food is more than food Posted on 07 Aug 13:18

A human can survive for more than three weeks without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation). But food is more than just “not starving”.

Food lifts our spirits up, warms us on cold nights, comforts us when we feel bad, nourishes our bodies and our minds.

Food connects us to the world in ways we often overlook. How many times have you said, do you feel like Thai tonight? Chinese, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Indian, German, French, Italian, etc, etc. Food is culture. It is ritual. It helps us understand the world a little better, shrinks it and makes it more connected.

Food is unifying. You can travel to a foreign land and “break bread” with a complete stranger. Even with no commonalities, or perhaps no ability to communicate, sharing in the taste and comfort of food creates community.

Food binds us to the past and brings constancy into our future. Family recipes. Holiday traditions. Memories of meals shared with loved ones.  

Food is time travel. A taste of homemade chicken noodle soup can make you a child again, eating at your grandmother’s table. Hearing that familiar jingle brings back the ice cream truck that dad bought you a treat from after you fell off your bike. Ratatouille! The smell of something roasting in the oven transports you to a place you used to call home. The dinner bell at the end of hard day’s work.

Food is alive. Food is animals that had parents and grandparents. Food lives, it breathes, it loves, it plays, it engages with the world in ways that we can never even hope to imagine. We believe in appreciating the life our food experienced, and being thankful for each animal’s provision.

Food is grace – it is being thankful for all that we have and all that we’re able to share. When we have food, we remember that many in the world don’t even know where their next meal is going to come from.

Food is progress. It’s what has catapulted us across vast lands and oceans in search of new lands. Food is power. It’s what wars are fought over. It’s built nations, and brought monarchies down. Food brings us together and can drive us apart.

40% of humanity works in the food industry. In more ways than physical consumption, food provides us a life. It sends kids to college, puts clothes on our backs, allows us to afford a home, and improves the quality of our existence.

We’re taking responsibility for protecting the best that food can be. By remembering how central food is to everything we are, we hope to forge a new way forward towards a better food system.

Food is more than food.

- Jesse