Whole birds. Whole meals. Posted on 21 Jul 11:26

Just as we think about the bird's whole life as we raise chickens, we also think about appreciating the whole bird as we cook. Each Emmer & Co. chicken can be made into at least three substantial meals. Here are three recipes to help you make the most of your 100% pasture raised slow-growth bird. 


Day 1 | Roast your bird.
Zuni Roast Chicken | Judy Rodgers

Chef Judy Rodgers' roast chicken at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco is a legendary bird. But for all its fame, it's an incredibly simple recipe. We love that this recipe lets the chicken flavors shine; all you add to the bird is salt, pepper, and some fresh herbs. 

roast chicken recipe


Day 2 | Rock the leftovers.
Chicken Croquetas | Joshua Whigham

This day two recipe can be another awesome dinner or a unique party snack. And your friends will never know it's made from leftovers. Chef Joshua Whigham (who became known for his tapas at The Bazaar in Los Angeles) makes these little beauties with shredded roast chicken. Pull the extra meat off your birds wings and carcass, add it to your leftovers, and you'll have plenty of meat to cook these croquetas yourself. 

chicken croquetas recipe


Day 3 | Stock up on stock.

100% pasture raised slow-growth chickens create the most flavorful, nutrient-packed broth you've ever tasted. Use it to amp-up your favorite soup recipe, or keep it in your freezer for a sick day. Stock is easy to make, just fill a pot with water and the ingredients below, let it simmer overnight, strain and enjoy.