Founder's Note Posted on 22 Jun 11:13

Last weekend, I went hunting and camping with some friends up in Glenn County, CA at the base of the Mendocino National Forest. Little did we know it would turn out to be the hottest weekend this year - I think it topped out at 107 on Friday.

But no matter how hot it got, there’s just something about turning onto a dirt road and seeing nothing but gorgeous rolling hills for miles in every direction - it feels like coming home. There was so much wildlife in the area; we saw coveys of California quail, blacktail deer, jackrabbits, wild pigs, thousands of mourning dove, and bass swimming in the lake. And this is during a full-blown drought! Nature seems to find a way to survive.

Luckily there was a river nearby so we were able to cool off during the day. And at night, the stars were brighter than you could imagine. There’s nothing as awe-inspiring as being able to see the cloudy dust of the Milky Way with shooting stars all around.

We brought a heritage chicken to cook for dinner. But, like many times when you go camping, we forgot some BBQ tools and our meal prep started way too late. So we ended up cooking the bird partially frozen for sandwiches the next day, on a grill that was probably too hot, and then putting it on a beer can, and it just stayed there till the coals got cold. And it was still amazing.

How long was it on the grill? I don’t know. What was the temp? Couldn’t tell you. I swear, you can’t screw up heritage. Start with the best ingredient nature can make, enjoy with your friends over some cold beers, and nothing will ever taste so delicious.

Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy heritage.