Healthy chicken. Happy kids. Posted on 11 Jun 17:18

Last week, Colten and Hadley (above) dug into some heritage chicken for the first time. We're happy to report that they loved every bite, and they're now Emmer & Co.'s newest fans. Their dad, our friend Andrew, cooked-up one of our birds for his family; the result was rave reviews and clean plates. 

Super simple. Super tasty. Great ingredients make unforgettable meals, so there's no need to mess with them too much. We love recipes like this one that highlight the true chicken flavors of a heritage bird. 

Sticking with the Midwest theme, Andrew mixed up a Kentucky Mule to sip with his chicken dinner. That would be a Moscow Mule with bourbon instead of vodka...yum. 

After cleaning all the meat off the bird, Andrew put the carcass back in the same pot, covered it in water and simmered it for a few hours. The resulting broth made a great soup the next week, another dinner hit with the family. 

We love hearing about your recipes, stories and experiences with our chickens (so share yours with us)! We hope that our heritage birds inspire you to slow down, pour a drink, and cook some great food to share with the people you love.