Meet Emmer & Co. Posted on 19 May 12:00

In the not-too-distant past, our eggs came from our backyards, our meat came from our local butcher, and our fish from our nearby river. Everything we ate came from someplace, or someone, we knew. There was no such thing as eating “local” or eating “organic” - it was just called eating.

Today 99.9% of chicken sold in America is a single breed, genetically manipulated, unhealthy, unsustainable, bland, and nutritionally deficient. For starters.

At Emmer & Co., we see a different way forward — by going back to the chickens that existed before industrialized agriculture ruined our food. Our mission is simple: to rebuild the poultry industry from the ground up by bringing APA-certified standard bred, 100% heritage chickens to your family’s dinner table.

When you start with pure genetics and the highest farming standards possible, you get healthy birds and healthy, great-tasting food. Emmer & Co. chickens have 60% less fat, 50% less cholesterol, 35% less calories, and more protein than any factory birds. No hormones. No antibiotics. No filler fluid. Beautifully-colored, buttery meat with a hint of sweetness. This is the way chicken used to taste. This is the way chicken can taste again.

In the coming months and years we can’t wait to share the tangible impact you’ve had by being a part of our story: new barns, expanded breeds, thriving farmers. Honest food. Join us in changing the way that chicken is produced in our country. 

All is possible.
Jesse Solomon  |  Emmer & Co. Founder + CEO