Founder's Note | Teaching the Next Generation. Posted on 05 Jul 13:24

We often like to say that producing the best heritage chickens is only half of what we do. The other half is education. Teaching people about what heritage means, how to raise the right animals the right way, and connecting them with the best option for eating chicken.

Growing birds right takes time (112 days for our chickens). And it’s going to take at least a year before the new breeding flocks we’re expanding are ready to start providing new chicks to our farming partners. All this is to say that doing things the right way just takes time. There are no shortcuts, no technology that can speed this up. If you want the best food, nature long ago figured out the right way to do that, and she can’t be rushed.

And education takes time. Which is why we like to start early. (There’s gotta be an early bird joke in there somewhere)! For us that means teaching the next generation about heritage chickens. 

One of our farming partners recently hosted a K-8 school field trip at his ranch, where he taught the children about heritage chickens and chicken production. The kids loved seeing the birds and asked all the right questions; “What’s the feed made out of? Can we eat it? (Yes, and they did). Why are the chickens so colorful? Who do you sell the birds to?”

By starting to educate the next generation of consumers we can hopefully play some small role in shaping the food system we want to have in this country. This is, of course, a long road. But like most good things in life, the best outcomes are rarely at the end of the easiest paths. 

If you’re part of a school, FFA4H community, or any other group that wants to join us in teaching heritage, please get in touch. We have lots of fun ideas about how to bring heritage chickens into the hearts and minds of young people and we’d love to collaborate. 

- Jesse

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