A taste of home Posted on 21 Mar 10:48

We love all the stories we get to hear from our community. Stories about why people love our 100% pasture raised slow-growth birds. Stories of raising these amazing animals, and of chicken dinners shared with friends and family. So we were thrilled when Alexis shared hers with us, saying that our chickens gave her a taste of home. 

Alexis grew up in the Philippines, and as a child her family raised chickens to eat. Here in America she has searched for birds with the deep flavors she remembers from her childhood, but even organic birds have tasted bland to her. 
Alexis and her family are committed to sourcing the purest forms of food, and learned about Emmer & Co. in their search for the most humanely raised chickens. Although Alexis originally chose to order our birds because of their great welfare, after one bite she knew that she'd found the flavor she was looking for. 

"Emmer & Co.'s chicken had a yummy, buttery taste with a hint of sweetness. The meat was so tender and the taste reminded me of the chicken I used to eat growing up in the Philippines."

Alexis is glad to finally be able to share the delicious birds of her childhood with her husband Daniel and her family today (check out the photos above of her son Aidan digging-in to an Emmer & Co. bird)!