1. Poultry you're proud to serve

    Chicken that actually tastes like chicken.

    When you eat an Emmer & Co. bird, you'll finally get to enjoy chicken for the first time. Beautifully colored, dense meat with a hint of sweetness. Rich, bold, earthy flavors. This is the way chicken used to taste. This is the way chicken can taste again.


It's time to taste chicken
for the first time.

At Emmer & Co.®, we see a different way forward. We're on a mission to build an alternative model for how poultry is produced in this country. We start from the ground up by raising balanced growth birds on pasture only using solar-powered mobile houses that move through the fields and regenerative agriculture practices that leave the land better. Our birds are outside their entire lives (no cages or crates) foraging, socializing and exploring. We never use antibiotics or hormones, ever. Our regenerative agriculture techniques employ grazing and livestock management practices that create healthy nutrient-dense soil. Healthy soils build deep root systems, grow tall grasses, replenish aquifers, and sequester carbon. Good for the birds, good for us and good for the planet!

Emmer & Co. is bringing the best tasting, healthiest food to your family’s dinner table. No woody breasts. Delicious flavor. Pastures that shine. This is chicken uncompromised.






100% pasture raised.
100% transparent.

Antibiotic-free? Humane? Organic? We know how confusing these terms can be.

We want you to fully trust where your food comes from. So when we say our birds are 100% pasture raised, we can be 100% transparent in showing you what that looks like. We raise our chickens entirely outdoors on lush, unrestricted pastures so that they can run, forage, build muscle, and live active lives. Emmer & Co. created a video experience that places you at the heart of our farming operation, and we invite you to take a look at our practices for yourself.

Virtually visit the ranch

Birds born to roam.

Emmer & Co. raises balanced growth chickens that live active, outdoor lives. In around 6 weeks, we target a 3.5 lb average carcass (versus the conventional industry of 5-6 lbs). This smaller size and balanced growth rate means their bodies can support their weight and healthfully spend each day roaming and foraging on our organic Northern California pastures.


We're leaving the land better.

We’re proud to raise the best-tasting poultry with the best welfare standards, but equally important is the way we farm. Emmer & Co. follows holistic management principles - like pasture rotation and cover cropping - to improve the soil and create a healthy ecosystem. By following these sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices, we’re able to leave the land better with our business as usual.

See how we farm

From pasture to plate.

Whether you’re a chef seeking the best flavor for your menu, or someone looking for uncompromised chicken for your own table, Emmer & Co. birds are available nationwide. Find our chicken through an online retailer or at a restaurant near you, or get in touch for wholesale orders.


When you buy an Emmer & Co. bird, you'll never have to worry about how the bird was raised, what it contains, how it was processed, or how the animal impacted the environment.

We’re 100% transparent in how we produce our pasture raised chicken. So you can trust you’re serving the best food to those you love.

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