1. Poultry you're proud to serve

    Chicken that actually tastes like chicken.

    When you eat an Emmer & Co. bird, you'll finally get to enjoy chicken for the first time. Beautifully colored, buttery meat with a hint of sweetness. Rich, bold, earthy flavors. This is the way chicken used to taste. This is the way chicken can taste again.


It's time to taste chicken
for the first time.

99.9% of chicken sold in America is a single breed, tasteless, genetically manipulated for fast growth, and grown by farmers under medieval-style contracts. For starters.

At Emmer & Co.®, we see a different way forward—by going back to the delicious, deeply flavorful heritage chickens that existed before the industrialization of agriculture. By raising American Poultry Association certified standard bred birds that develop naturally, focusing on fair farming contracts, and employing the highest welfare standards possible, Emmer & Co. is bringing the best, 100% heritage chickens to your family's dinner table.









100% heritage poultry.
100% pasture raised.

Antibiotic-free? Humane? Organic? We know how confusing these terms can be.

Raised from the oldest flocks in the country, our 100% heritage birds are certified standard bred by the American Poultry Association. They're pure breeds that existed in America before industrialized agriculture. We raise them entirely outdoors on lush, unrestricted pastures so that they can run, forage, build muscle, and live the active life their bodies require.

What is true heritage?

True heritage means truly healthy.

When you start with pure genetics and the highest farming standards possible, you get healthy birds and healthy food.

60% less fat, 50% less cholesterol, 35% less calories, more protein and less sodium than any factory birds. No hormones. No antibiotics. No filler fluid. These are the healthiest chickens you can eat.

The health of heritage

Genetics are everything.

All non-heritage chickens are factory birds. Factory birds are bred for unnatural growth, leading to a poor quality of life for these animals regardless of their environment.

Only heritage chickens grow the right way. They're able to develop strong bones, muscles and immune systems. They reproduce naturally and live for at least 112 days, which is 3-4 times as long as factory birds. And their genetic lines are 100% factory-free from egg to meat—their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all healthy, balanced chickens.


Good eating, right to your door.

Using precise temperature-control technology, eco-friendly packaging and efficient delivery methods, we're bringing the best heritage chickens straight to your home. Because we want you to feel good about eating again.

How we Deliver

When you buy an Emmer & Co. bird, you'll never have to worry about how the bird was raised, what it contains, how it was processed, or how the animal impacted the environment.

We're going back to the right birds and raising them the right way, so that you can share the best food with those you love.

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